Swedish Massage60 Min- $80 / 90 Min-$120

Full Body Massage with slow, long, fluid massage strokes to increase relaxation. Helps to ease away tension, headaches and stress. Helps with circulation, loss of sleep and anxiety. Usually light to medium pressure.

Deep Tissue Massage60 Min-$90 / 90 Min -$135

Enjoy slow, deep strokes with firm pressure to help relieve muscles deep to the superficial muscles. This massage is for anyone who needs deeper muscle tension release. Helps stimulate blood flow to release chronic muscle fatigue and pain within trigger points. Pressure is adjusted to each client's needs and comfort level.

Therapeutic Massage30 Min-$70 / 60 Min-$110

For anyone battling with chronic, long term pain from an injury in a specific area. This technique will target an area and help release long term effects of muscle strain, fatigue and loss of range of motion.

Foot & Hand Massage15 Min- $20 / 30 Min-$40 / 45 Min- $60

Ideal for everyone. Especially for those working long days, on their feet and using their hands extensively. Also great for people who love their hands and feet massaged.

Aromatherapy Massage60 Min- $60 / 90 Min- $120

Connect your mind and body with aromatherapy. Aromatherapy can calm and help you unwind or it can re-energize you and give you an added boost for the day. It helps enhance focus and relaxes the mind for better sleep through the night.

Maternity Massage60 Min- $90

This massage is designed for expecting mothers. It alleviates water retention, promotes better circulation and is all over relaxing for both mother and baby.